What are your hours?

M-F  8-6
No Saturdays!
No Sundays!
Please see "City Kids this Month" for holiday update. 

Where are you located?

In Northwest Chicago, 5669 N. Northwest Highway, between Bryn Mawr and Nagle just off I-90.

We are approximately 15 minutes from the city and between 15 and 30 minutes from surrounding suburbs.

Will you come to my house?

We do service a few children in the early intervention system at home if the appointment time is available and  within an appropriate radius from City Kids.  Most children are seen at City Kids in order to fully utilized the playful space and necessary adjuncts and equipment. 

Are you in my insurance network?

We are Blue Cross/Blue Shield in-network providers.

Do you provide/accept Early Intervention services?

Yes, all our therapists are providers for the Illinois Early Intervention system.  We are able to provide evaluations, re-assessments, and ongoing-treatment for children in E.I.  Individualized therapy and play group sessions can be authorized via Early Intervention if they are warranted for your child.  If you are interested in receiving services at City Kids, please contact your Service Coordinator.  If you need assistance or have questions, please contact our office. 

Will you do billing for insurance?

We do submit to insurance companies and Early Intervention if the services have been authorized.  The family is responsible for deductibles, co-pays and patient responsible percentages at the time of service.

What is the difference between Occupational Therapy and

Physical Therapy?

Sometimes, in pediatrics, it is difficult to separate some of the treatment techniques between OT and PT.  You can't separate parts of a child!  In general, OT places an emphasis on addressing the sensory systems and the upper extremity fine motor skills.  PT addresses gross motor skills and the lower extremity.

What is Sensory Integration (SI) Therapy?

Every human has many sensory systems that contribute to their function in the world-physical, social-emotional and verbal function.  If one or more of these systems is disrupted or does not function properly it becomes very difficult to perform tasks, interact with others and have typical relatonships. Sensory Integration therapy provides assessment and treatment techniques that help identify and integrate sensory input to produce a functional outcome. This could be motor planning or executing a task, modulation, regulation or social emotional interaction and relationships.  The occupational therapists at City Kids are trained in SI Assessment and Treatment and would be happy to answer any of your questions regarding this issue.

Check out the "Parent's Corner" for more information.

What is NDT-Neuro-Developmental Treatment?

NDT is a theoretical approach to treatment of individuals with any type of motor dysfunction.  NDT utilizes assessment and problem solving to identify a child's primary strengths and impairments in areas of range of motion, strength, biomechanics, motor planning, motor skills and developmental skills.  A individualized treatment plan is developed for each child and implemented by the team of therapists with the assist of the playful environment and various pieces of equipment.  There is a link on our website for the NDTA organization where you can attain more information.

Please call the office for more detailed information.