Cost of Course:       $350.00          

Suggested Audience:  PTs, OTs and SLPs

Instructor:                           Kacy Hertz, PT, C/NDT

Course Description:

This course provides an introduction to assessment and treatment using a current NDT approach.  Assessment, task analysis, treatment planning, and treatment skills will be covered. This course is especially helpful to the therapist working with young children who have limited skills who require hands on to learn new tasks. Impairments of the trunk and ribcage, upper extremity and lower extremity will be addressed through didactic information, video clips and LAB.  There will also be a practicum or demo each day so the participants can experience a new treatment sequence.

This course is appropriate for pediatric physical, occupational and speech therapists new to the field, changing their emphasis to pediatrics and therapists who want to improve their handling skills for improving their client’s function.

Course Objectives

The participant will:

1)  Understand the basis of NDT and its application to assessment and

     treatment planning.

2)  Understand how the enablement model of assessment can be applied to

     treatment planning for children with sensory motor impairments.

3)  Be able to assess impairments from a musculoskeletal perspective.

4)  Develop treatment plans with focus on specific impairments and


5)  Understand the development of various types of shoulder

     girdle and pelvic girdle impairments and how they interfere with function.

6)  Demonstrate handling techniques/facilitation as it aides functional tasks.

7)  Be exposed to the possibilities of therapeutic adjuncts to enhance




Day One

8:30–9:00                    Registration                                                                                         

9:00–10:30                  Review of terminology/NDT

10:30-12:00                 Enablement model of assessment/Task Analysis

12:00-1:00                   Lunch

1:00-3:00                     The trunk/anatomy/handling and exercise

3:00-4:00                     LAB

4:00-5:00    Demo

5:00-5:30    Discussion and Adjourn

Day Two

9:00-10:30                  Assessing the Upper Extremity Anatomy and Function

10:30-12:00                LAB-Facilitating UE function

12:00-1:00                  Lunch

1:00-3:00                    Assessment of Lower Extremity Anatomy and Function

3:00-4:00                    LAB-Facilitation LE Function

4:00-5:00     Demo

5:00-5:30               Discussion and Adjourn