The physical therapists at City Kids are all highly experienced with pediatric motor assessment and treatment, gait training, and orthotics. They are all NDT/Bobath trained and well versed in biomechanical assessment and intervention.  Each therapist has a strong backgound in motor assessment and strengthening and integrate various therapeutic adjuncts into each session to encourage an optimal amount of function and skill. The physical therapists have experience with children with a variety of issues, including hypotonia, cerebral palsy, torticollis, Down Syndrome, sports injuries, plagiocephaly, and developmental delay.  They use all the equipment in the gym to make learning motivating and fun!


Kacy Hertz, PT, C/NDT has over 30 years of experience and is the co-owner of City Kids, Inc. She teaches many courses at City Kids, Inc. and also nationwide.  In addition, she is an NDTA Coordinator Instructor, NDT certified instructor and therapist, and a certified Kinesio Tape provider.  Kacy is has broad knowledge about lower extremity biomechanics, orthotics, wraps, and serial casting.    

Susan Siekierski, PT, C/NDT is a physical therapist with 10+ years of experience. She is also the instructor of Sensory Integration for Physical Therapists at City Kids, Inc.  Susan has significant experience with motor assessment and treatment of children of all ages.  She also is NDT/Bobath trained in pediatrics and in baby treatment.  

Andrea Ragsdale, DPT